5 Biggest Blogging Mistakes of My Life: Blogging Mistakes To Avoid in 2021


I will be sharing the 5 blogging mistakes of my life, my experience, and all that I passed through in my early blogging life, so that you do not make the same mistakes and make your Blogging Career grow and reach heights, instead of the stunted growth I experienced after a brief boom far back in 2013.

So, I strongly believe if you are interested in any niche, it becomes very easy to gain knowledge in that same niche or field. Taking the opposite of it. If you have knowledge in any field, turning it into Passion is quite difficult, and if at last, you succeed following due protocols like avoiding blogging mistakes.

Quick Read

Blogging is a Career of Interest, and many has made it a career choice, they’re actually making ends meet with blogging. If your interest lies in any particular niche, then only you must dwell on blogging. You must be full time into blogging. If you chose to blog as Part-Time, then the success is not guaranteed or may take some more time, I said so because blogging is time-consuming and requires attention and putting the necessary things in place.

You need to give consistent efforts into blogging. Let’s discuss the 5 Mistakes now, avoiding which you can rank your blog and improve performance. Talking about the 1st Mistake, No. 1 Mistake was Custom Domain.

Not Getting A Custom Domain

I started my career with Blogger.com Here you can create and publish your blogs for free, and I was receiving pretty good traffic that was far back in 2013, but I was unable to sustain that traffic. For long as I did not have a custom domain, then Custom Domain means your personal or purchased domain, that makes you standout.

If you have a custom domain, then your site visitors will trust your blogging site. At the same time, you get Google’s, trust too. It helps you in Keyword, Ranking too. If you do not have a custom domain or if you are using some random subdomain, then you may get the traffic or get benefits, but not for a long run, which is why you need a custom domain to build credibility and standout.

If we are planning to start a shop there, also we need to have some kind of investment. The same goes with blogging career too. You will need minimum of 7-8k investment in blogging for a year with consistency, You can achieve so much with blogging, but please go with a Custom Domain, 2nd Mistake of My early Blogging career.


Life Lead Generation Forms

Life Lead Generation Forms (, One of a very important point:), Lead Generation, Form means Customized Form used in any website for gathering visitors or subscribers emails IDs. So that they get real-time, blog updates.

I used to avoid this in my earlier days, So I did not get many leads from my blogging site Later. I started using MailChimp/ Aweber tools. Now I get to update my subscribers well in advance and also save these leads in my database for email marketing To get good traffic good Lead Form is a must, sometimes other traffic generation may fail, but the subscriber list will keep giving you traffic on demand.

You can start pitching your affiliate products too and start earning extra income from these leads you captured from your blog while it was booming and gaining publicity.

Irregular Posting Schedule

The third Mistake of My Blogging Life is Irregular Posting. Initially I was very excited, but later I started to slow down as there was no traffic, and I was loosing my confidence, though post quality is preferable over quantity.

Like I said earlier I was excited and posting frequently but to a point I feel less motivated due to low traffic and I started Irregular Posting, Posting blogs once a week or once a month, it even went to once in two months, but then I realized it was wrong.

In the same way, you must post your blogs regularly and on specific timings so that your audience is well aware of it in advance, as they keep waiting for your blogs, and this gains their trust too. So keep posting on regular basis with good content and not just plenty of useless articles that has no benefit to your webpage or readers in general.

Choosing The Wrong Niche

And the 4Th Mistake of My Blogging Life is choosing the wrong Niche In my earlier days. I did not chose the right Niche. I was not writing in the field of my interest, which made me lose my interest In regular posting and long term blogging career, this can really be devastating, and it’s a total waste of time

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You all should not repeat this mistake. You must select your niche properly, A niche of your Interest So that you keep writing for coming 5-10 years. There are few websites to search topics for your niche or ongoing trends.

Sites To Check For Topics

No.1  Google Trends Search for hot topics in trends for blogging

No. 2  is Enzine Articles where you can search for niche and micro-niche too. If you can select a Micro Niche, then there is nothing better than that.

Another one is Wikipedia Hobbies where you can multiply topics to chose from.


Here is the worse mistake any blogger could make, you’re ending the blogging career right from the moment you chose to copy content from other blogs, so the 5th mistake of my blogging Life is plagiarism and this Means copying content from other sources, Friends If the blogging niche is not of your interest, then you do not get many ideas about what to write and find new ways to generate quick content by copying others content and posting it in your website.

Even if you copy a single line from someone else blog content, Google is wise enough to sense that If you want to rank your site or be in blogging for the long term or want to get Google AdSense Approval quickly, then kindly do not use plagiarized content, make your content as unique as possible.

On no account should you ever copy content from other blog, Someone else’s content. If your content is unique, you get genuine traffic as well, and Google is also impressed. But still If you want to copy, then take inspiration only from top sites but never copy content, only Read more and more blogs, get ideas and write something new.

So these were the 5 Mistakes of My Blogging Life. There are some other mistakes too, which many of us keep doing in blogging career Here goes the list of other Blogging Mistakes.

Blogging Mistakes we make purposely

Idea Generation in the Wrong Direction.

Do not change your direction or do not follow other people’s. Niche blindly focus on your Niche

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Stiff Writing Style

Your Writing Style is vert Stiff start using easy words in your writing, so that your visitors and audience can understand the content and benefit from it.

Broad Topics

Don’t write about Broad Topics, Do not write or discuss multiple topics within one topic: Focus on single niche and topic at once

Use Exact Data

Use Exact Data, write using genuine data and numbers so that your content is valued.

Don’t put too many ads

This personally piss me off, don’t put too many ads after AdSense People start posting multiple and random ads once they get AdSense Approval on-site show only one or max two ads in one blog/page to avoid scaring your site visitors away, stick to simple ads placement.

Revisit and keep updating your old post

Don’t forget to revise, keep revisiting your blogs and keep updating and reviewing them Monthly once or twice is good, this is quite necessary for SEO, go through your search console and see some of the keywords you’re ranking for and keep updating your blog post with them continuously for more publicity.

Giving Up too Early

Don’t Give Up too Early, meaning never lose hope or give up in earlier Days of your blogging, keep writing on regular basis, keep learning and grow your knowledge, most successful bloggers you’re seeing today. Started way too smaller than you did, keep the fire burning and heads up.

All this will definitely make you a Good Blogger, and to be honest with you, blogging is like other normal business you do but way easier if you understand the concept of blogging, you don’t need an office space for your blogging as everything is done from the comfort of your home with good internet connection.


If you’re just starting a blog, or you have an established blog already, keep doing your best to maintain it credibility regardless of the many obstacles along the way. Avoid the aforementioned blogging mistakes and a wonderful blogging experience with daily cash flow.

You are confused about anything related to blogging? Do write to me in the comments below So that I can reply to you guys.

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