Infinix Hot10T: The Specifications and Honest Reviews


Infinix Hot 10T Battery and Other spec

this is the infinix hot 10T. Not to be confused with the infinix hot 10s the infinix Hot 10T comes with a 90-hertz refresh rate a fast midrange processor that is good for gaming a 5000 mAh battery.

Its an affordable smartphone before I tell you more about the infinix hot 10T let’s unbox it in real-time, opening  the box the first item you see is the smartphone it has many colours but what I’m unboxing here has a colour called the heart of ocean whoever came  up with the name of this color needs to be flogged lol

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Back to business which is the box it comes to the SIM removal tool  1x gold note which you can use to win gifts by scanning the QR code using the x club application that’s fascinating it comes with an x-park leaflet. A film screen protector a plastic case that fits the smartphone perfectly a 10 watts charger micro USB cable and an earpiece are included in the package.

Also, the infinix hot10T  has a plastic return frame and I love smartphones that are made from plastic because you can do this and everything will be all right.

The display isn’t hardened, and I recommend you get a plastic screen protector to make this smartphone drop resistance for moments while you drop your smartphone inside water the infinix hot 10T would survive with no issues overall the build quality is good.

External Features Of Infinix Hot 10T

Moving to the external features the infinix hot10T comes with an earphone jack a mic a micro USB port and a single speaker, the speaker produces a decent sound unlike most single speakers you can easily block it while gaming looking on the left side of the phone, the infinix hot 10t comes with dual nano-SIM card tray and a memory card slot at the top there is nothing the right side is where the volume and power buttons are located at the red you will find the fingerprint scanner and I must say it’s fast.


infinix hot10t

Moving to the red cameras the main shooter is a  48 megapixel camera it also has an AI camera a   depth camera so basically, it only has one camera, on the front, it has two led lights and an 8-megapixel front-facing camera inside the tier drop notch the infinix hot 10T comes with a 6.82-inch IPS LCD panel with a resolution of 720 by  1640 pixels it’s a big display with a 90 head refresh rate that delivers smooth scrolling and a 180 heads touch sampling rate that improves the responsiveness of the display when you touch it consuming media on this big display is okay the colours and clarity won’t blow you away as it is a 720p display, but consuming content on this display is decent.

The display is bright, and  it can be used outdoors with no issues where the big display comes in handy is in multitasking  gaming and browsing the infinix hot 10T can handle these tasks thanks to the mediatek helio  g70 processor it’s a 12 nanometre processor with   decent multitasking and gaming capabilities and  I must say scrolling jumping from one application to another and gaming is smooth on this device for  the antutu benchmark test this is what the infinix   hot 10t is called and for geekben test this is the  results gaming isn’t an issue for the infinix hot 10T thanks to the processor and the mali g52 gpu  this smartphone can play titles like PUBG at HD graphics and high frame rate for Call of Duty it  runs the game at medium graphics settings and high  frame rates surprisingly the infinix hot 10T can  play games in impact some smartphones can’t play  this game, so that’s a big positive it shows how  capable and well optimized the processor on the   GPU is on the infinix hot 10t now this smartphone  runs on the latest android operating system which   is android 11 with XOS dolphin version 7.6.0

Other Amazing Features of Infinix Hot 10T.

It has some new features like peak proof that allows you to hide a portion of your screen so that the person next to you won’t be able to see what’s on your display it has a theft alarm that sounds an alarm when the earphone or the micro USB cable is removed from the smartphone it supports screencast that allows you to share the display and audio of your smartphone to a compatible laptop or TV.

It also has kids mode which is a parental control app that allows you to control your smartphone  usage and block apps it also has social turbo  which is useful for Whatsapp it allows you to  change your voice record WhatsApp voice calls  enhance your look and read messages without  the sender knowing you can also clone apps  like Facebook and WhatsApp making it possible  to use more than one account on a smartphone, and it also comes with a lot of gestures that  you can use to increase your productivity

Now one of the major negative parts of XOS skin on this smartphone is bloatware I counted 19 applications that shouldn’t be on this smartphone luckily you can uninstall some of them another thing I found displeasing is from the app drawer when you swipe down you see featured wallpapers and top games, unfortunately, you can’t remove or disable this feature if you really want to get rid of this you can install nova launcher or any other launcher, and you can customize the look of this smartphone the negatives I mentioned shouldn’t really bother you.

Infinix Hot10T

There’s always a way to correct the wrongs, but you have to walk for it now the front camera on the infinix hot 10T is an 8-megapixel camera the pictures it takes look okay nothing spectacular, but they’re very usable portrait shots look decent it has a short video mode with interesting filters and audio.

I think the pictures the front-facing camera captures are sharp, and the details are good enough for social media posts. infinix hot 10t can shoot in 2k at 30 frames per second. 

And the main camera captures 12-megapixel pictures four times match them into one picture to give you a 48-megapixel picture the pictures it captures surprisingly look very good portrait shots are decent as well nice photos look very decent on this phone for the price of this smartphone it takes decent looking pictures especially the rear camera.

Now switch to the main camera of the infinix hot 10T,  using the 48-megapixel main camera, and you can shoot in 2k to 30 frames per second.


So, what’s your take on infinix hot10T, feel free to air your opinion in the comment box.


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